• welcome to Pegbless Nig Ltd

    Diverse Solutions, Unified Vision

    At Pegbless Nig. Ltd, our diverse range of businesses merge to create a unified vision of excellence and innovation. Explore and discover how our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction is building a brighter future. Let's journey together towards growth and success."

  • Pegbless Tiles & Fittings

    Transforming Your Homes and Spaces

    Transform your space with Pegbless Tiles and Fittings Finishing solutions. Dive into a world where aesthetics meets functionality, we transform spaces with elegance and durability.

  • Pegbless Properties

    Redefining Opportunites in Real Estate

    At Pegbless Properties  our services extends from Luxury development projects to strategic land and property purchases, culminating in comprehensive property management solutions. We specialize in curating a portfolio of prime properties that stand out for their exceptional value and potential.

  • Finishing Expertise | Real Estate | Agricultural Investment

    Investing in Tomorrow

    Step into the future with Pegbless investments. Our investment opportunities opens up the doors for Prime Land Ownership,  high ROI from Real Estate Development and  Farming Investment,  paving the way for sustainable and profitable impact to everyone.

About Pegbless

Pegbless Nigeria Limited, incorporated in 2014, is a dynamic and diversified conglomerate with a strong presence in various sectors, including Home Finishing Business – Tiles & Fittings, Real Estate, Supply of Building Materials, Agricultural Investments, and other from of Financial Investment. 

Pegbless Nig LTD stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction across its diverse operations, aiming to create value and enrich lives through its various business endeavors. Pegbless also affirms her commitment to conformity

  • Our Vision

    To be the beacon of innovation and excellence in diversified sectors, enriching lives and empowering communities across Nigeria and beyond. We envision a future where Pegbless Group is synonymous with sustainable growth, unparalleled quality, and enduring value, driving progress and prosperity for all stakeholders.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to harness the power of diversity, expertise, and innovation to offer superior services and products in Real Estate, Tiles and Fittings, Agricultural Investments, and Food Services. Through integrity, excellence, and collaboration, we aim to build lasting relationships and achieve shared success."

Our Businesses

As a diversified conglomerate, our interest in multiple industries indicates our determination to cater to our vision of providing basic needs.

Pegbless Tiles & Fittings

Pegbless Properties

Pegbless Consolidated Farms

Pegbless Foods

Land Banking Investment

Finishing Expertise Investment

Farming Investment


Our Commitment to Sustainability

We recognize the importance of integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to sustainability is driven by a belief in responsible business practices that ensure the well-being of our planet, people, and the communities we serve. We are dedicated to creating value that is not only economic but also environmental and social, for a better tomorrow.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Every Design Count


We hold ourselves responsible to deliver value to all our clients


Our goal is to maintain our unquestionable level of accountability for every project. So be rest assured.

Quality Products

We understand that quality products are the pavement for good design. With provide the best.

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