Pegbless Nigeria Limited, incorporated in 2014, is a leading importer and Installer of Italian and Spanish Tiles and Nigerian-made Tiles, Turkish Doors and Sanitary Wares. We are a major distributor of foreign and locally made tiles and fittings in Nigeria.

A Leading Real Estate Firm in Lagos Nigeria. Our real estate services include Estate Development with Joint Venture, Outright Land sales, Short and long stays (Shotlet) apartments. construction contracts etc. 

Our Agricultural Investment program has benefited many of our clients in generating ROI with our REIT and ETF.

  • Tiles & Fittings

  • Real Estate

  • Agricultural Investment

  • Shortlet Apartments


To ensure developers, investors and individuals have their desired Luxury, Quality and Affordable home finishing product to execute their interior designs. And because we believe that everyone deserve a luxury home we are vision-driven to provide exquisite home, designed and developed, just for you.



To become no 1, importer and supplier of all kinds of Spanish and Italian Tiles, Door, and other Home Finishing materials and to also to foster development in Real Development.

We focus on creative and strategically driven innovation

core values


We hold ourselves responsible to deliver value to all our clients


Our goal is to maintain our unquestionable level of accountability for every project. So be rest assured.

Quality Products

We understand that quality products are the pavement for good design. With provide the best.


Brook Oasis Estate

Green Spring Estate, Ph 1

Green Spring Estate, ph 2

Perewinkle Residence, Lagos

Coral Apartments

Deluxe Residence, Lagos


What Our Clients Say

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"I have always wanted a home as Luxrous "
Michelle P.
"Itaque earum rerum hic tenetur a sapiente delectus, ut aut reiciendis voluptatibus maiores alias consequatur aut perferendis dolor. Similique at tellus magna Adipisci facilisis optio incidunt, corrupti minus nibh sequi convallis magnam neque gravida vel consequatur mi iaculis magnis felis eleifend laboriosam explicabo fuga. Earum fugiat cillum harum!"
John J.
" Aptent mus quisque porttitor convallis tempora eaque blandit phasellus perspiciatis lectus, exercitationem."
Smith T.
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